Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Hog is 8 months old!

Yep...Today Harlee is 8 months old! I cant believe it.8 months ago today I woke up to a call from Josh saying he got hit by a bus. What?! So I went and picked him up and dealt with all the bull that came along with the wreck. Later that day we went to the baby doctor where we had an ultra sound and found out my fluids were low, so the doc SAID "We can induce you today or we can wait til monday if you promise to do kick counts for me" Um....HELLO lets do it today. She said "ill call the hospital, go now so you can get a bed!" So on our way to the hospital we called the family. We arrived, got all the drugs I needed do this and about 10 hours later out came our little surprise!! It was about 1:45 A.M. when I finally had her and we were exhausted, but too excited to even worry about getting sleep. I cant believe how well my whole pregnancy and labor and delivery went. To say that I feel blessed would be a complete under statement! Time has gone by so fast and I REALLY cant believe she will be one in FOUR months. She is getting sooo big. Well not literally shes actually quite a little runt ;) But she is getting so smart. She is crawling ALL over the place and pulling herself UP onto everything. We are having so much fun watching her learn something new everyday. SHe is such a busy body and keeps me totally busy and I wouldnt change it for the world. We love you so much Harlee and cant wait to watch you grow more!!!! 8 months prego!
One day old and already accesorizing! We LOVE all the bows we get form great Aunt Julie :)I Love this picture like shes just kicked back gettin a Tan

She is a daddys girl. The other day when he walked in the door she crawled to him as fast as she could with the biggest smile on her face and tried to climb up his leg. one of those moments that just melts your heart :)


Tyler, Raelynn, & Gauge said...

she is too cute. Time goes way too fast. i cant wait to see her. she has changed so much from the last time i saw her.

DaNiEl & ShAnDi said...

Tami!!! I saw your blog on Raelynn's. Your daughter is so cute!! My blog is private so email me and I'll send you an invite.

hope to hear from you. ~Shandi

Becca said...

Hey Tami I wanted to tell you that the best place to print your pictures will be a place called mpix. You can find them at My computer that i edit on is calibrated to thier printer so they will come out just as i edited them. They make look bright or dark on your computer depending on if yours is calibrated. You can print them at walgreens or walmart but i can not guarantee what that they will come out looking like. I have printed at walmart something from my computer that looked good and when i went to pick it up, it was so bright that you couldnt even se the persons face. Printed the same thing at Mpix and it turned out great. They actually have some better prices than walmart. Their 8x10s are only 6.99 verses walmart at 9.99. If you have any questions let me know. Thanks Becca
ps they can print the 10x20s i put on your cd and michaels or anywhere like that has 10x20 frames

Becca said...

Correction on the print price... 1.99 verses 2.69 so sorry I think walgreens 8x10 are more.