Thursday, January 7, 2010

Catching up! (Hope you have a few minutes =D)

Well its been awhile since I last posted so I have alot to catch up on! Alot has happened like Thanksgiving, christmas, new years, oh and we got sealed as an etenal family;)
First, Thanksgiving, We went to the valley and spent it with his dad and stepmoms family it was fun. The night before thanksgiving we went to the suns game Josh is a big fan and his cousin hooked us up with tickets it was so much fun! And Yes...We HAD to dress Harlee up as well!

The day after that was thanksgiving which we we spent and Joshs Stepmoms families house
She HAD to have a cowboys shirt cause they always play on thanksgiving and once again Daddy is a huge fan :)

Playing with her cousin Kami

Eating her first Thanksgiving meal with dad :)

On December 19th we FINALLY got sealed in the Snowflake AZ temple. We had worked so hard to get this point and were do excited that day was finally here. It was such a wonderful, spirtual, experience and were so thankful to all of our family who were GREAT examples to us!
Then it was Christmas! Oh boy! Harlee was sooo spoiled. We said we werent gonna get her that much just like 2 toys....but of course evertime I turned around I saw something she just had to have:) after she opened all her presents we realized EVERY single toy (Not an exaggeration!) was musical and NOISY! She got a table she can stand at and it plays ALL kinds of music and does ABCs and 123s and all sorts of stuff, a ball that sits on a base(or comes off) that plays all sorts of music, From my parents she got an elmo piano and clothes, from joshs dad she got a princess ride along toy that...YEP, Plays music. From Joshs mom she got an adorable little plush pony that giddy ups and sings and the whole nine yards. and from Gma rose she got a puppy that.......(drum roll please) SINGS! (thats not even half of what she got but you get the picture.)My wonderful husband got me a Cricut which I love love love. And he got hunting gear. It was the funnest chritmas ever with Harlee cant wait till next year!

Christmas day we spent the day at Grandma and grandpa Hensleys. It was so nice it had been a couple years since a had sppent ANY holiday with that side of the family and I loved it! Well if you stuck around to read all this thanks! And Ill try not to wait so long and get so behind on the postings!

Love Josh, Tami and Harlee