Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Well this Halloween was so much fun. Harlees first Halloween! She had two costumes she was a lady bug AND a monkey. (Ofcourse she HAD to be a monkey, shes been one since she was born) She had a BLAST trick or treating. Grandma Rose had given her a little dum dum sucker before the trick or treating ever began and she thought she was in heaven! She loved it! She sucked on that thing until it was completly gone!! She was sucja sticky mess but it was worth it just seeing her so happy! So of course Grandma Rose HAD to give a bag FULL of suckers! Thanks so much grandma for always spoiling her! Well heres her adorable pictures and ofcourse I do have to say she was the the cutest little love bug and monkey ever! Thanks Bug for all the wonderful memories so far!


Paul & Kera Ottmann said...

YAY YAY!! I love it she looks so stinkin cute haha her monkey one is the best :) Uncle Paul is still laughing we love you Har!!

Tyler, Raelynn, & Gauge said...

she is too cute. i wish i could have been there.